Daniela Parker Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson -Weaver Vale

Daniela Parker Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Weaver Vale

About Me


Hi, I am the Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Weaver Vale.

I stood as our PPC at the 2019 General Election I was delighted with our result where we doubled our vote share and for the first time for a long while got more than 5% of the vote and saved our deposit. We’ve established ourselves as a credible alternative to the failed Labour and Conservative Parties.

More importantly, than that was personal support of local residents, members and activists who worked so hard to help me that’s what really inspired me the most

Going forward in the run up the next General Election I am committed to working with all our local members and the local community helping to campaign in a wide range of issue across Weaver Vale

We will be fighting hard to increase our representation on Cheshire West and Halton so we can really help our community and deliver a real improvement in people’s lives.

As Parliamentary Spokesperson and as a pro-European Liberal I will also be helping the party at a national level to oppose the right-wing Johnson Government and stand up for vulnerable people, defend our values and hard-won Human Rights.